torstai 5. syyskuuta 2013


Damn...i have been hacked. My email....Idiots! Sorry about that. I just dont understand, why on earth someone took all that trouble and go in my email?? Must be poor life.

It might be fun to be good, and yes! I did it- style..but for me...trouble. Now i had to delete all and create new. And guess what? Yep, all my contacts.. there, locked. And some important emails, too. Ok, I should save those before to some other place and do copys etc..but..i never thought that someone is so interested about my account.

And if that someone had a chance to send some junkmail to my friends?? Hope not...It´s just, i dont undestand. Hobby for someone, big work to other...

So, how are you all? I havent been here too much, iI have kept myself busy.. I was in Gym at middle of night last night :D All day doing something. Still, time ended. But hey, I have got my passion to bake back!!!

Here´s to you all, chocolate muffins:
There´s a piece of chocolate inside, too..calories, yes ;)

 There was guite a mist last night...I love to drive in the middle of night..
Oh, can someone help me? I have a bit trouble with my photos here. One is going larger, next pic that i want to make larger goes link. So I cant enlarge my picks.
Now i need to continue to change my new email to..well, lots of places...I just dont like that at all...And probably dont remember all..hope I do...
With love

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  1. Isn't it crazy that someone would take the time to hack someone's email... it makes no sense to me...

    Good luck with the new email :-)

    1. I dont understand eighter. Well, hope she/he had her/his fun.. :)
      Thank you Launna <3


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