lauantai 14. syyskuuta 2013

Good morning, new day for us

Hi all, new day again. I just woke, still drinking my coffee. I´m not such a morning person, but I´m learning. I think that I´m more like Garfield...
Yep, that´s me. :)
Yesterday i was totally tired. In menthally. I have been thinking, planning etc so much that it came against me. I was kind of depressed. Now, I´m gonna use that "power" that i told you once..influencing my start of day.
I´m grateful about that fact, that i woke. That´s a gift. Could be worse! So, therefor I´m alive. And when I´m alive, everything is possible.
So, what I´m gonna do next is new for today. Yesterday was, well..yesterday. History already. Now is here, and I´m here now. Absolutely great thought!
No need to think about tomorrow, tomorrow is new day.
All I need is here and now. And I have everything now and here: I´m breathing! I´m alive.
So, good morning to everyone, it´s a new day. Let´s make it the best day we can.
With love

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  1. Have an awesome day Maarit... make it a beautiful one... life is worth living each and every day:) xox


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