maanantai 5. elokuuta 2013

where do i come from

I have thought about that. I know, where i grew up. But I have been interestid about history in all my life. My mother´s granmom came from Karelia. During war she and my grandmom came here, in Finland. I have trying to track, where my mother´s granmomcame at the first place. She moverd from somewhere to Karelia. So, i dont know, from where my mother´s family is really coming from.

That i find very interesing. I mean, who my ancestor really were? Maybe..artists? Workers? aristocrats?

One thing i know about my great grandmom. She was in engaged with very rich horseman, but that man died in horse accident, in Karelia.

And from my fathers side. That wan new to me, heard it year ago. Maybe told you, too? But now, gonna tell one more time. So, in 1800s our family name was Stordell. Our family lived in Germany. So, i have some German blood in me, nice. When our family came here, in Finland, they changed their name Uittamo. That means "to float the logs" My last name really came from that. Because my family float the logs. So, Finnish name came from that. Real family name was Stordell.

So, who  were they?And where they lived? Why they came here? That´s something, that i wanna know some day. Sooo interesing. What characteristics I have from my ancestors? Do I have a change to visit those places, where my both familys are from? That, would be awesome.
Sometimes, i belive, one can learn from past.

Hmm, really makes my imagination fly! ;)
with Love

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  1. It is always good if we can trace our ancestors... I have heard many stories about my fathers side but my mothers side has not gone back very far... one day all of this will be opened to us.

    Keep looking Maarit.

    I am sorry I was away for a bit, I had a lot of emotional things I had to get through this past week... I am still working on them but I missed writing so much, I had to come back :)

    1. It is and you are so right, one day we will know... and maybe in some level feel, too? Oh Launna, don't be sorry! I totally understand. Sometimes those things just take both energy and time. When ever you are ready, I'll be here :) Lots of power to you, prayers too!


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