tiistai 13. elokuuta 2013

thinking of my mind

Interesitng thought, we only use so little capacity of our brains. With meditation, we can open a bit more our minds.

But so much is not used. I dare to say, that in this great time of technology..we use even less. Too easy to look from internet, computers do so much work, even our phones....

So, what´s there, in our brains that we do use? If I try to sit down, calm my mind, close my eyes....my mind starts to wonder. I let it, just calling back from time to time. Doing that for a while, and more deeper i go...i get nervous. Like fearing of going somewhere so deep that i´m not ready. Or maybe I am, but just maybe....i have to wake then, from this life of mine?

What is my potential there, in my mind. I dont know. Somehow these routines, everyday work takes time and energy so. And yes, i do those sometimes like a robot.

But what if, there´s a great inner peace in me? Conneting me a little higher? To be able to see more then I do now? Do I want to see more?

There comes again that fear of changes. Why afraid that?

I know, my mind really wants more. Not material, that dosent satisfy me, no more. I feel this huge power in me, but i really dont know how to see it or really release it....seems that there´s a lock. Me.''

All new terratory, but maybe step by step...

And guess what? Thunder came again. So, i continue this later! Just so interesting thought... :)

with love

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  1. I have felt this more and more over the years Maarit... things are less and less important... I want something special....


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