perjantai 2. elokuuta 2013

Something about Samsung Galaxy 4

Now i have tested it and guess what? LOVING IT TOTALLY!
I have this white :) For my use and what I need, this is perfect. Touch screen is sensitive enought and you really can talk with that :DD Those apps, what i have, are also so helpful for me. I use my phone in work too, so that´s why i need varied phone.

Camera, so many thing to play with! Behing, front, both together...Beauty, moving, sport etc. So good and guality of pics, not too bad ;) Actually, very good!

I could write i day about that phine, but I just make a list about those helpful apps:

  • Workout buddy, counting steps too
  • Relax melodies from play store
  • Flipboard
  • Weather
  • Magazines
  • Shazam
  • Dropbox
  • Kies air
  • FB, Linkedin, Emails,
  • Naviator
  • Sportstracer
  • Story board
  • Female stuff for every month
  • Blogger
  • Games
  • Calendar
So, here´s those that i use almost every day. But there´s so much more, too. Here´s just basics. can call with it, too :D It dosent make coffee, shame.... but for a phone, it´s very good.

That´s about that, now back to nature.
With love

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