keskiviikko 7. elokuuta 2013

Rush of thougts

I was planning to write a poem about fall, thunderstorm at first. But then my thoughts started to wonder around.

I read newspaper online, and i noticed...that sad thing, that people are feeling so sad in these days. It´s like there´s big, gray cloud hanging above us! I too, forgot to enjoy.

I usually take my own time, i do. And i can say that i listen my surrounding more that i use to. Maybe i can say, more that busy human normally do. That is result of practice. I leaned to look.

But at the same time....surrounding gave me more. Stress. My environment was/is full of busyness, stress abbout things to do places to be.... no time to sit and look for leaf falling down in wind. No time to close eyes and feel that great wind before storm. time.

I catch myself today doing that: NEED to do.Now. Then...walking throught my garden, from my car..i realize that i havent looked that..really i ling time! Now saw those first sight of fall. Not really, some yes. But not those sensitive ones. What I usually love.

Now i can hear thunder coming..mother nature is making so good noise that one have to hear! And that´s good, to wake up and really smell those roses....sadly, i have to guit now, as I have told before, here i country thunder takes fast electricity, and wants to destroy computers...

with love
Maarit xxx

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  1. I think we all need to take a little time to look at and appreciate the beauty around us... I too believe we are much too busy all the time.:)


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