tiistai 20. elokuuta 2013

pushing myself, and learning

Last weeks has been so hectic, that i have burn candels from both ends. Painting house, that´s main thing. And have to be still, fall is almost  is here. Rain etc, so busy busy!!! Now, all walls are done, still window woods needs painting. I have been in home practically all days long. Yesterday, i couln´t paint and i just stood home.

I got this crazy, anguished feeling while sitting in sofa: i have to do something, i need to do, go!!! Just sitting here isn´t right? Sin almost!!

Why? Why i was afraid to sit in home, in silence, alone? What´s there to afraid?

Silence? Peace? What...then i recollect one book from Jon Kabatt-Zinn: wherever you go there you are. It´s about meditation, living here and now. Enjoying every moment. Just....letting things go, and not stressing...great book, I have to say!

For my nervous mind, makes sense. Now, i just put some pictures here...what i hae done and now...going back ;) Will be back sooner that last time. Miss this blogging so....

And one wall ready!!!!!

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  1. Ah... living in the moment Maarit, it is the only way... even if it is difficult :)

    1. Launna,so true!!! Only way :) Trying my best ;)


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