keskiviikko 14. elokuuta 2013

Photo time!!!

Yep, Fall is here!! I let the pictures do the talking :) I took these from walking in forest, there´s this huge...ok, a bit higher tower ;) that people can go and look surroundings. So up I went and it was amazing!


And one know when it´s fall when:
oats are ready.
With love
Ps. I have some troubles to enlarge my photos, it always makes those links....?

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  1. Ihania kuvia! Suomi on kyllä ihan mahottoman kaunis maa! :)

    1. Kiitos ja niin on!Nyt kun taasen syssy tulee, niin maisemat vaihtuu...aika siidee!! :)

  2. We are lucky here... there is still another couple of weeks before Fall... however; I am looking forward to fall for exercising as it won't be so humid... just not looking forward to winter... :)


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