lauantai 17. elokuuta 2013

new day

As I woke this morning, opened my eyes..all was new. This morning, not yet becin, first look from my eyes. Good morning world!

Every day is new. How you start your day? With routines, same old? Yes, me too, most of times. Forgetting that precious gift, I´m still breathing. Something to be grateful :)

Usually, when i wake, i take my coffee and wonder my way to computer. E-mail, news, a bit FB...then, something.

I have 2 great terraces here. One back, one front. Sofa in both. Flowers, too. Nature all over. And I´m sitting inside with my computer?????

When I moved here, I went to drink my morning coffee in terrace. To feel the wind, listening nature...relaxing. I love my first cup to drink in peace.

Now, maybe I´m taking all this  for granted. Not enjoying what i have.  Just this laptop and me.....inside. And i can see that fall wind blowing, witch i love! So, why I´m still here, inside....Good guestion.

I belive that in our minds and actions we can influence the start of our day. If i greet new day and do things a bit different...i know it´s gonna be better for me. It takes that time what i spend to drink that cup of coffee. Wellcome new day.

Taking things for granted is dangerous..people, nature, home...everything. One day, it could be that those are not around us and we think: why i didnt appreciated those, when I had a change?

All it takes is stop doing and start to listen. Even just few moments. Be here, right now. Not tomorrow, because that´s not promiced. Now. Want to call someone? Maybe now i the best moment, afterall.... here, now. I try to learn that, too. Let´s be here and now together!

View from front terrace
with love

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  1. I agree Maarit... we have to enjoy the things around us, otherwise they could be gone. I have found with walking that I am truly appreciating the little things more often:)


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