perjantai 9. elokuuta 2013

my mind is on fire

Really, it is. I have this fantacy, idea....but I´m a bit afraid, would it take me deeper than i can handle? Or...maybe...set me free?? As I have told, I´m witing that book about panic and surviving.

I like to write it, and It´s going well now. imagination want´s to break free! I mean, I want to challenge great the characters, stoty line...use words to describe surroundings in made up room...

I love that old serie Twin Peaks. I mean, how much there´s details! Twists. Happenings...all those In all that confusing way, it makes sense! Brilliant, absolutely. I have what it takes? I dont really know. I havet took that challenge yet, couse i was afraid. What if...i dont have that? What I disappointed in myself? Or....maybe, I can do that?? I mean, how "twisted" is my mind...and what do I find in there??? Using full capacity....

Do I get this crazy girl, who talks with herself? Ok, made that once in store :DDDD i was thinking and planning one thing. That was so funny later..but then when it happend, felt so stubid. Not serious, i know.

So, if I´m gonna do it, i have to give all that i have...all. Nothing less. Hmm.....Maybe I just have to trust myself? And If I´m staritng to write weard thing in here, maybe you will help me? ;) "Ok, Maarit..take it easy..relax...come back to this world"-type help.....

So, i think that i know..I´m gonna do it. Yes. Still, A bit afraid, but...gonna do it. Yes yes yes. I will tell you, how it´s going... so wish me luck!!!!

With love

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  1. Good luck Maarit... most times if it scares us, it means we have to do it:)

  2. I wish you luck! It sounds as though it something you really need to do.

    1. Oh, thank you Betty! I really feel so too. Gonna be interesting journey :)


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