perjantai 30. elokuuta 2013

life without clock

I have been watched the life of my animals. All those sweet hairballs :) When I open my eyes, they are still sleeping. Actually dogs are, kittens are wake and going strong.

Usually both dogs are beside me, and just look, then back to sleep.That happens when it´s raining. When there´s a good weather..then they want out. But like today, it´s rainig, time is almost 12pm and still sleeping. No stress about time. That dosent matter to them. They are tired, so they sleep. Simple as that.
Those 3 cats (one is the mother) so, 2 kittens ond one adult are just hanging out. Kittens found some paper and playing with it. Mother just looks....No rush, no hurry.

Time to eat, not because clock says that...when they are hungry, they eat. Just so that they are full, no more.

Maybe, naps after that. They have always time for me. To play with me, keeping phones ringing, no FB. Just being here. They love purely here and now.

All they want to be is the best they can. And that´s enought.

I start to watch them, maybe there´s something I can learn....And there is. I have to love more or less with clock, but just sometimes set myself free from time?

If I feel like sleeping, I sleep. Want to play with paper, I play...Hungry? I eat....sounds so simple. Just be at this time, without clock......


With love

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  1. Maarit, it looks like you are enjoying having your cats and dogs around... they look like they are very happy animals :)


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