maanantai 26. elokuuta 2013


While I was painting, I had a great time to think. Painting is just something, that gives me time for deeper thoughts..painting or wall.

I have been witnessing cruelty of people lately. And by this I mean behavior to other humans. How true is that saying: How you yell in woods, that´s how it response.

If one is treated other badly for so many years and suddenly there comes stop, she says back...then, even divorce can be her falt.
Like I said, I´m only witness, but I know something about being Aunt Sally without reason. My fathers marriage after my mom died. woh, what a ride!

But, here...I get along just fine with this old woman. First I was told that be careful, she´s powerful. Yes, good! She´s strong, made so much work to hes children and earned everything by hard work. Now, time to enjoy?

No. Someone dosent look at the mirrow and take some falt. I´m sorry, i cant tell more about this situation because i promised.

But my point here is: one good look at the mirrow before blame. I really have done that, too. Admitting that I have done wront, too..that I´m to blame, too isn´t easy, but totally worth it.

How we treat others will kick us back later. Then it can hurt. Or! Be so good! We can choose.

Just little bit more understanding...or trying..can make the difference.

Wrong way is to talk back behind and spreading rumors. False or not. Bad spirit vs good...i think I know the winner ;)

Of course there is bitterness out there, but how we react....we can choose that. Actually, we can do so much bu how we react in different situations or happenings.

That´s a foundations of being human. We can.

With love

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  1. I totally believe in karma Maarit... whatever you give out comes back to you... :)

    1. Yes, me too too :) giving good is the best idea!


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