perjantai 2. elokuuta 2013

another night time

Yes, it's night again. Actually 1am. I just came to bed. Today I was working in my garden and took long ride with bike. Haven't have time to go to gym. Hopefully tomorrow I will have time. I'm in bed, ready to sleep.

I bought"few"clothes today. ok... lot. I'm waiting fall to come! So, fall clothes ;)I put picture here, there's part of my treasures. Also need to clean totally my closet! There's so much those things that one thinks"maybe sometime I will use...." that sometime will just never come. So it's goodbye for some old and welcome new.

Like in life sometimes happens.

Launna, you know that I have been busy but wanna say: you go girl!;)

Xxx for you B

Good night for all

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