sunnuntai 14. heinäkuuta 2013

While I´m cooking

Putting olive oil in the pan
Thinking more and more, who I am.
Am I that person i always wanted to be?
Yes and no, so much in this life
Still not seen.
Chicken with chili ans salt,
looking out, seeing the sun.
Wondering how are you?
Are you missing me too..
Some pepper and sugar there
I know my spirit´s in everywhere
curious about future, yes I am
still living here the best I can
Adding veggies at the pan, too
my mind wonders there, with you
I dont feel that fear anymore
My path takes me, like Gary Moore
Over the hills and maybe home
Ok, time to eat
Food is hot, and so is my soul
Some things to make me whole
Love, life, learning and work
Still, never let that dinner burn.
With love

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  1. Remembering and reminding ourselves of our importance... this shows us our truth...;-)


Your comment is my pleasure :)