lauantai 6. heinäkuuta 2013

taking over (my job)

Well, it took me so long to realize: One blog. Really, or two, actually, but one. About life. About fashion. I mean, i write one here, and other there. And.. that other one doesn't  just...well..feel like me now!

I could write, like so many good fashion blogs. But, that´s a lifestyle. And hard world. I know, I´m still in fashion business and it it hard...

And also, i´m gonna write that blog in "our" fashion agency. I have my own style. I know about latest fashion but: I create my own. So, maybe...i leave that real fashion blog for younger and write here, time to my style. I once wrote "High heels and Tractor", much earlier here. And that´s me! All of me. Loving pretty clothes, high heels, make ups, ans tractors ;)

What i´m trying to say here...that all those things makes me me. So, why separate those? Yep, I´m a woman and I can :DD

But making life a bit easier...This blog is my baby, another is my Finnish panic disorder-blog. Third is that model agency- blog.

So, we will see....Blending a bit here!

I just bought new ELLE- magazine, so gonna read that and eat spaghetti... then, some work in field.

(Just..hope you got my point? I know, sounds complicated but bear with me, ok?? )

With love

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  1. It's always good to simplify a little Maarit ;-)

  2. Olen säännöllinen lukija blogeja, viestit ovat aina erittäin mielenkiintoisia.
    Jatka näin.

    Tekijä: Google Kääntäjä

    1. sonic, Kiitos palautteesta.! Todella tärkeä minulle. jatkan siis Samalla tavalla! :) Iso Kiitos vielä.


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