sunnuntai 7. heinäkuuta 2013

stand up

For your rights. For your opinion. For your way to live your life. Stand up to be strong. Stand up to be you.

I realized to day, that just doing what i want...not asking, not telling..just doing...set me free. I wanted to be without phone. I was. I rang, but i had my choise behind me: my free day. I dont need to be there for every second. But greatist thing was, even i heard: where you have been etc.. i didnt need to explain!

I said, that i was in yard, taking sun. That´s it. I wanted to have some time with me. So, was your thing impotant, that couldnt wait? really.- OK, why the fuzz!

Then i learned that it was so good way. To say straigt." I´m tired, dont wanna talk. No, i´m staying home." The power of word no!

Assumption in these days is that you need to be there all the time. Self phones...of course you carry those in toilet, too!

No...i dont. Not anymore. There was such a freedom taste without it! :) One day in week...just free..yes.

This seems so easy now, but before realizing that...i was married with my phone..even without I notice that. Small break up is good.

For now on i´m gonna use more that, that saying straight. It´s power, freedom for ourselfs!!!

The choise is yours...after all ;)))


With Love

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  1. Yes Maarit... getting unplugged is good sometimes... I need to do this at least once and a while... :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, sorry about how sad I was... am...

    1. Launna, dont say sorry..ok??? It´s be sad know, that i was so down and you were there for me then <3


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