tiistai 23. heinäkuuta 2013

Serious things

I´m mad. Really. I dont usually write politics, and really try to understand all sides. But...I hear from radio today, from news, that ice cream cars, they guit in next month.

That´s not why I´m mad. I´m mad because the reason, why those have to guit! We are, Finland, in EU. And we have this reputation that we take care our economy. We do, and that´s good.

But....they are desided that sweet tax hace to be high. So..we dont eat so much sweets. Yes, there´s a good intention, i understand that. Less sicness etc. But! Dosent that have to come from sowhere else? Learning that? Even jogurts prices are getting high... And belive me, here food is really expencive! I belive, that almost most expencive in EU. SO, prices more high. Healthy food is so expencive. What to eat with less money? Junk food. It´s getting more and more "Big brother is watcing"- style, and that´s not good. Like people cant think themself. In bread line ( we have this amazing humans here, who really care, give food for free for those who dont have) There are more and more people, day by day. So, somethings wrong? Yes.

You just have to be successful, no matter what. If not, you belong group B. And there, my friend..you are in trouble.
And saving money? Yes, from wrong places.

Let´s think about nursing. I was nursing in senior center, more than once. Different places. All those seniors...woh.. so few nurses. Because..they dont have money enought to hire more staff. Business was away from seniors well being. Yes, food, medication etc was given. But time? No. Never. One nurse, many seniors. I remember, so many senior said to me: please, lert me die. They didnt have nothing! Just one bed. Halls, if you could walk, Otherwise you stayed in bed, alone. Heartbreaking!

That money, that took make that law, sweet tax...few more nurses? I know, I´m not expert. And i dont have prepared models for this situation. But, those who need help most, are suffering. For me that tells that something is really wrong.

Mental health patiens, jobless...All companys are saving. Of couse, they have to, to survive. But...Next city from here, There was Nokia´s factory. They guit. Jobless so much. Have to sell homes. That city is guite empty...it use to be powerful city...

So. What now? Getting worse. So, I´m mad because ice cream cars have to guit.

with love

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  1. It is terrible with the cost of food... unbelievable and very sad. Especially for people who don't have the money to eat proper food :(

    1. It is, i dont know, where this world is going to!! :(


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