maanantai 15. heinäkuuta 2013

Samsung galaxy 4 and Sony tablet

Ok, so....more technology for life. Just bought those and still testing. Now I'm writing with tablet. And this is just so awesome! Like a big limits! And you know what? I learned to use Computers just 10years ago, when i went to work in theather. I was in office sometimes and i did'nt knew, how to open a computer. Now....all latest ;)))

So, this is more like a test now. And Samsung?? Yes!!!!  Great phone. My eyes hurt for looking these :D I want to learn everything i can... Maybe i need to sleep and continue tomorrow.. I try to put photo, that i took with tablet... There' s 2 kittens sleeping..cute ones.... Let's see.. Hmmm....

Think i made it?

Good night all, tomorrow is a new Day ;)
with love

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  1. Good night Maarit... I love the Samsung Galaxy too... I want a tablet eventually as well :)

    1. It´s really good! Samsung... :) Tablet, too!!!

  2. Vastaukset
    1. ;) yep.. i know that i could tell more about those. But i have left that for pro's . I Was actually just having happy moment with those! My blog is more about thouhts, life, love etc. So, not even close to be review. sorry! Just a woman who was happy and playing with new toys.


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