torstai 25. heinäkuuta 2013

nothing personal

Now, i have learned to use word: no. So happy about that! Makes me feel stronger. Then, next step: Learning  not to take everything so personal.

There is always and everywhere people, who has a bad day. Or chemistry dosent mach etc. Or I am just that red clothe to someone. Then, someone tryes to hurt me with words. I use to be soooo sensitive, when I was young that i took every word in me. Even thought i was wild and rock-attitude. But from in...sensitive.

Someone said, that that´s a real bad hearcut! I belived, even other´s said not true. But that one got me. Maybe she had a bad day or whatever.

I belive, that this is more common than i think? I mean, in grown ups, too? So much is said about school teacing, and that´s good. But, that happens also between us, grown ups.

I know this for a fact, because..belive me, i was in nursing school few years ago. First everything was ok. Group was fine, we had good time. 20 women and 2 man. One was guitar player and just got over from alcoholism. Then some womens, who were loud. Others..guiet. Like in high shcool.

This man...he wanted to do all group works with me. Hang out with me. Spend time with me. He was ok, but i didnt want. He got mad!!!! He started to spread rumors. Call me different, bad names. Talked behind for all the rest of glass.....My father was then so sick, he died little later. But i was so tired, so depressed, so...empty! I didnt knew why, he did that! What have i done to deserve this shit???
I couldnt go in that school anymore. Just couldnt. Fortunately i got a chance to change school.

After sometime, he apologized...sort of. He was enamored.. But, I took everything me. Still do, sometimes.
Goal is to learn deal things like: so???? I dont care. If my style dosent please you...well, you have to chace place! ;)

Not too tought!! No, but being good to me, too. Oh wow, hope you got my point again, trying to explain this and all animals are with me too :DDD 3cats and 2 dogs....


With love

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  1. No is a good word to learn and good word to use... people need to understand that others have this right and it is perfectly okay:)

    1. You are just so right Launna! No is important to learn, not always so easy... :)


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