keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2013

my morning

Good morning to all, it´s 7am. I woke up 5.30am. Not that i needed to, but i felt like it. Then some coffee and then: work begins! Dogs out, and food for them. After that food for all the cats (4) and let kittens loose. I have one room, where i keep those kittens, because they are soooo active, and i have to think my dogs, too.
Dont want them to upset...little bigger...And, great news: Female dog, Vilma, is having her heat! Yipii! So, Male, Veikko is gonna be soooo stressed couple of weeks. Like me.

Now I´m listening those kittens running in that one room, had to put them back...woh, time for some more coffee. So, i sit here with you now...taking a breath. In and out. Slowly. Good news is that is´t a bit cooler outside, and sun is shining! So, maybe...i could get some time of my own and escape for jogging.

Yesterday, i walked 10km in 1h. Made so good! No, I´m not stressed ;DD ok, a little. 

But, I have also thought good things are. And by that i dont mean material. I mean my own head. I have won so much. I´m standing with my two feet. And, i know, where i have come to..still, no shame! Actually, I´m kind of proud my passt. Of couse, like everyone, I´m tired and emotional. But mostly, strong.

In these days i can say straight in phone, that I´m tired, lets call later. I think that everyone shoud do that! There´s of course those situations, when your friend needs your help and if you have But: just listening oneway listen, another dont...saying staight is better than ok.

I have took huge stess earlier about that, when i moved the country that I have to go and see my friends there, in Helsinki. i see, that also that road goes in two direction! Why, i have to be the one..who trevels?

Hmm...thinking that more today..I like this feeling! Growing, stronger. All fuzz, not for me. Thinking of me. What is good and what´s not. And actually acting like it! No lies, no hiding...just me and telling straight. I guess I can say..I learned to say no! Yes! ;)))


with love

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  1. Wow congratulations on 10k in 1 hour...

    I can only do about half of that right now... hopefully one day I will be able to do that much too...

    Keep up the good work Maarit :)


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