keskiviikko 3. heinäkuuta 2013


Ok, I´m back!! And i have slept! And i got my small break... i try to organize my time. Really, i try. AND I do understand, why it´s so important!

Like i told before, i burned my candle from both ends. I just had to do all at once!! All the time and now. Emails, notes, everything! I have Samsung Note as my phone. Dont get me wrong, I just love it! I use strongly word love with phone, but it´s a great phone. Of course i mean it differently with human ;)

But, with, fb, twitter...everything always with me. Good, and bad. When i went for a walk with my dogs, and i heard that sound that tells me: email. Guess what?? Yep, i just had to open it in there....same goes with everything. I ran, with my home...always needed to look computer.. like world would faal, if i dont look some media...every minute! And... i guit to read..children´s book. Those best books that can take me somewhere, take me to adventures..

I started to read serious books. And that´s ok but we do need our Yin and Yang! In positive, there has to be small part negative. In negative, there has to be small part positive. There´that balance. And so it should be.

I´m sitting now in this cool local diner. It´s cozy, food is good (ok, i´m drinking coffee;) but it´s good...main thing: i´m out from home writing! And don´t get me wrong, again that line.. i love my home...but if i continue to write there...not working. My mind is more in homework. Or if it´s too much in writing, all homework´s gonna be too hard.

And..i´m gonna buy a paper kind calendar! I miss real pen and paper ;) Technology is good, when used right. But there is thin line between loosing all basic skills....writing with pen. Etc. Reading a book. Being without internet all the time....

I have to say, i learned my lesson..well. Nobody´s that important that have to be there all the time, but important enough to take care of her/himself.

With love

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  1. It is always good when we understand that we do not need to be plugged in 24/7 all the time... :)


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