maanantai 22. heinäkuuta 2013

Dear Diary

Dear Diary
I have been so tired lately. Mentally, mostly. I think that all this work at home and trying to write is burn me down. I cant get my dreaminz-zone! Too much in my mind. I love those animals of mine, i do. But now I´m just soooooo done, holiday is needed!!
That´s a "good" sighn, i guess..that i forgot names? Now, when i write cat is caterwauling, the mother. One kitten went to her new home yesterday, 2 left. One of them is next to me...want to type, too. Another is in curtains..haning there.
Dogs, well girl has male is like a pig. I mean those sounds. And looking like horny horse!
I lost my concentration, totally. When i write, i have to look all those animals. "Out of the curtains" "Veera, guiet" "Veikko, go away from Vilma" Vilma, dont tease Veikko" etc etc...I was thinking to go write somewhere else..but...then i have to put all cats in one room...kittens are ok with that, but the mother..woh, she wants in and out. Trust me, that door looks like there has been big tiger.
Deep breath. Deeper breath. In next weekend, another kitten goes his new home. One stays here. She´s a princess. :) Then....i can take few hours to myself. Have to say, looking for that already, even thought I´m gonna miss that one kitten. He´s just so awesome. Oh well, this is life...
I just have to go to gym today. Even it´s in the middle oof the night. Just have to!!Maybe then, after good workout..i have strenght to write more...
Oh, i think that kittens are a bit tired, now!!! And Veera is it gonna be peaceful soon? Just hope so...
Outside the wind blows, i can see sun time to time...even thought the sky is gray. They promiced that hot weather is coming back. Oh, nice...and not. Nice because i can go to swim, but to be honest? I miss fall..... Cooler, colors and i can put fire in fireplace...
Oh well, now i have to go.
Have a great day all
With love
A. Einstein...great man :)

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  1. I know how you feel Maarit... I am just tired too...

    Working out helps, for me walking has been my lifeline... it has centered me when I needed something to keep me straight:)

    1. So true Launna, i just came from walking...was soooo good!!! I´m still thinking, if i sould go to gym also... really need something work out for my mind :) you are so awesome!!! :)


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