lauantai 8. kesäkuuta 2013

Too busy to enjoy life?

There´s thin line between " must look important" and " feeling bad to just relax" for actual hurry. It´s really hitting me more and more! I have to admit, i step in that loop time to time. But just sometimes...have to see more in life!

One friend of mine..she´s too busy in holiday. Not because there´s things to do, but "must do something" is in the air. Staying at home, not worth that. Hurry to get back at work! There, one can feel important and feel like relaxing is deserved.

But..why not more? Other times? In holiday? Or just daily? Way too busy world. Soon time flys so fast, and all we can remeber in these years is work. Busyness.

I hear so often line " when I´m retired, then i´m gonna enjoy my life!". Ok..good plan. Just, what if you dont make it there? Like my mom, she was 46 when cancer took her away..Dad? only 62. So, there´s no guarantee, that we make it there. And it could happend, that we are so tired then, or sick that just impossible to enjoy.

I mean, sounds so crazy, that we run run run all our best years, without enjoying the ride? Or is it just me?

For my point of view, every day is change, every time I  wake, is blessing. What happends after i make my day, is up to me. In my head. Of vourse, something could happend, and in life usually happends..bad things. to handle those? How to react? That, makes a big difference! I have felt a bit bad, beause i have slow down a bit. I´m taking my time, to sit..look nature..listen..and feeling guilty???

I´m realizing, that´s not me. Maybe it´s just the world wants us are worth something if you do something all  the time???

I like to think that i´m worth something just for being me. Is that selfish? Really? No no no..i hope.

Let´s just breath...for a moment :)

With love

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