keskiviikko 26. kesäkuuta 2013

so far so good, again

Just when you think, that you have found your point when all is said and find some new angle for life. You reach that next level, open your eyes and spread your wings.. ready to fly.

Somehow all seems so new. Your home, you, your life...your feelings. You see that that red´s really red! It´s beatiful. Before i have missed it´s beauty. It was grey..

In the mirrow, you see you. You can see that sparkle again. You look at your eyes, you can see curiosity for life..again.

Like kitten, when they open their eyes at the first time... first one, just a little..wondering all shapes..maybe some colors. Then more..ond both eyes..sitting and looking all things at the first time. Eyes so big and trying to see all new things. Sometimse have to close those eyes for a moment, too much..but hav to open those again. Life is beautiful!

Another cycles is moving me, i feel that now. Before, i think i was getting ready for this. Now, i really can feel that movement. And i cant do nothong to stop it, nor I even want to.. Life is taking me forward.
It´s such a great..magical feeling! Like you could conquer the whole world.. Feeling is strong, i feel strong.. I feel me. Still, so much more. I know, i can do anything :)

How can i say it..hmm... i feel like part of this i know, that i have meaning here!
And that! Is such a great feeling, i have to say.

Felt a bit lost there before..i think that it was that moving-part. Rising. Now i have landed in that next level, and i see my past whitch i treasure..but i see new things, too! Whole new mountain to climb. I know, there´s gonna be challenges, that´s part of life. But also, new world, new scenery are waiting.

So, I´m taking that first step to that path and gonna see, where it takes me...I´m inviting you all to came with me... ;)

With love

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  1. Hi Maarit.. those changes are the hardest ones to get to the next level... I know, I just got past one :)

    1. Launna, those are! I just laded and wow, so tired now :D I´m happy that you got past one :)


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