keskiviikko 12. kesäkuuta 2013

...small confession...

I´m jealous. I am, sometimes. For some women, who are just like perfect housewifes. I know, they exist! I know some!

Just read from FB that one of my friends were in picnic, with small cute sallad, fruits etc..She has a child, husband and perfect home! And i mean this in sooooo good way. Black and and white...all in order. Just what is needed, that´s it. In garden she dont get dirty!!!
Clothes are thought carefully, everything is maching. Latest fashion. :)
They organize partys, happenings...teapartys...Are in every party and fitting so well!!

Me...oh well. If I want to go in picnic...I want meat. I do. Stake? Oh yes...With sallad, i just go angry...Not so lady-like? Then some fruits...yes. Small talk...I really am so poor in that. Dont get me wrong, I am so positive and laught a lot! But..talking about cooking..or decoration..not good at that. I dont even know latest designers! "Nice table" "Oh that was made by this and that" Me.."Oooh..." (WHO???)
I like antigue more..heavy wooden stuff. My home...not dirty, no. Just...mixing this and that. Not really thinking so carefully...if I like, i take. And make it match :D Or, atleast it fits somewhere!

Yep...and passion! Love clothes!!! More is merrier!!! That wardrobe is full. Really. And not mix and match-type. I mean..lot of everything. Flowerpower, rock, name it, i got it. Actually, i just had to build some more space there...organized chaos. I cant just go in my closet and take that one dress with pag and shoes...First, i have to make my way in there, then think what kind of style i want to wear today?? My fashion is really..what i want to wear.

Trust me...that goes for make up too. I use to do make ups in pro. Now..I have this huge pag full of different make ups...for me. So many lipsticks..eye shadows..everything. Hairstuff?? Ou jeah...many different curler, Straightener, hairspay etc...still having bad hairdays!!!

Partys...i feel sometimes (often) like bull in a china shop. If i move, somethings breaks. I´m sure.

I rather go to fix my car...:D really, not because i dont like partys, i...cant..small talk. Then i get nervous and i start to talk with my hands...

Gardening..when i go in garden..I get dirty. Really dirty. I have mud in my hair! Clothes..oh well..let´s just say, need to change before coming in.

Still, I can look like a lady...but i just love jeans..broken jeans with boots. And some awesome skirt.

So, sometimes i have to on earth those women do that! Not so much efford and looking sharp, everythings in order and small cake is done at the same time?

I think that i have to wonder that for the rest of my life :DD Total respect for them!

 See, what i mean?????
With love

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  1. Oh Maarit... those people that are supposedly perfect are OCD and it will catch up with them. I like my house clean but I don't want to clean all day every day... I have a life.

    KUDO'S to those women though ;-)


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