maanantai 24. kesäkuuta 2013

respecting life

Midsummer festival is behind and workweek is here. For me, that was so time way to realize..i have been too hard for myself lately. Running around like grazy..huge stress about workout..about eating..about everything. And i really didnt see it until last friday.

I was at the gym, i felt a bit sick before but thought that it´s gonna pass. In 2 weeks i havent slept so well because of my back. Maybe 4h/night. So i was overtired. In my brains was only one thought: NEED. TO. WORKOUT.

So i went at 10am to gym. Changes my clothes. I have Heart Rate Monitor when i go jogging or gym. Pulse132 before i even started. But, i thought that it´s gonna be ok, have to! NEED TO WORKOUT.

I went first to treadmill, and all was good. Litte tired but ok. Then this press for legs. Great machine and normally i do it good, workout. I have 15/40kg *3. I couldnt do that, only 2 times. Oh well, next machine then.. pectoral. One, two, three...oh, my pulse is 151??? Wow...ok, just few more..i can do it..go go go!!! Two laps with 7kg and done..i did  4 machines like that, then i felt like i wanted to puke! And pulse was 161.....I had to guit. I really didnt see the stairs, just ran t get my shoes and stuff..and ran out, to my car. I had to put air conditioning to max. Still pulse was over 150??? And i felt that i had arrhythmia. First i felt so disappointed for my poor exercise, really...then i worried because i needed to drive 40km to home...I felt so awful!!
And i needed to take some gas..what a heart pumping and i´m waiting to get my gas!! HURRY THERE!!! Normally i dont mind to wait, part of life..

I felt better just after i came home and rested for a while. Then I started to hard i have actually took myself lately...not rested..I really didnt saw that before. Why??
Didnt pay attention to me. Didnt listen myself..didnt respect life in me...

In Midsummer fest, i was so tired...but i knew that was normal. I needed to feel that. And appreciate also. So, i took it sooooo easy. Almost like slowmotion. I went to sea, just sea much. I ate well, all weekend..swam..only short visit to friends, who had fun but i didnt drink, so i just had my fun for looking ;) and sauna..that´s it. Totally relaxing.

Now, i feel a  bit better, like i have loaded my batteries. Like i have done, i guess.. But the greatest lesson was: I need to respect more life. I know, that wasnt so smart thing to do..going gym etc, when so tired and feeling bad and overstressed. Not smart at all.

I need to tread myself better, cause´s a gift. Not 
taken for granted. Never. I think i learned my lesson... I´m gonna put here some of my views from weekend, relaxing :) Hope you can feel that

 That green with leafs, its vihta, bath whisk. We use it in sauna... ;))) guess how :) totally relaxing!

With love

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  1. Maarit, it's true we have to listen to our body and take care of it. I was really tired yesterday... I rested... didn't push it and then I went to bed early. It felt good, I need to do that more;-)

  2. Launna, you were wise! I should follow your example... :)


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