perjantai 14. kesäkuuta 2013

relationship with your body

Hardest relationship ever! For me, time to time. There´s a huge differens how i see it and how others see it. How i see, determines my self-esteem and throught i feel in my mind. Sounds shallow, maybe, but i know..i´m not the only one.

Today´s ideal of beauty is well trained, thin and lookin healthy. There´s nothing wrong with that, but if you dont belong in those..etc. shopping, social interaction ot going out can be pure pain. Looking at the mirrow "I dont look like those in magazine :( " I´m fat...I know, i do that time to time. Why??? Why i need to be like those models? 

Cause it´s everywhere: adds. In my email, junkmail is full of adds diet pills etc.

How I, maybe you, see yourself:

How we want others to see us:

How our closest ones sees us:
How our closest ones sees us:
And i cant blame adds or no one, it´s how i have determined, how i shoud be. I think that humans has done that from the beginning of time! Just some point, have to take one step back and look at yourself...really look. What´s good in you.. why do you hate some parst so..and learn to love your body. No matter, what shape that is. All bodys are beautiful! And what matters is inside. Corny?? But true. When inside is fixed...then, take care for rest of you.
I really have to learn that too..again. I didnt realize that i thought like that, but then.. i didnt spend time front of mirrow so much, always like run and that´s it. I didnt look down, just face. Why? Cause my body has changes so from that what it was when i was young. So...i started to ignore and hate (secretly) and hopes that my stomach could..just disappear!
But it didnt and i took way too big stress...i sort of punished myself with food. And without.
Now, i´m learning to approve myself...and what i see in the mirrow. Not so easy every time. But, getting there!!!!
With love

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  1. We all need to learn to love our our bodies... never easy

    1. Oh, you are right Launna, so right!! :)) Just have to try, i guess...


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