perjantai 28. kesäkuuta 2013

me and tools

Yep. I´m a woman. I do renovate. I fix my car ( time to time) :D I live in country, my father was a truckdriver. So...i learned to fix things in early age. And i learned to appreciate quality in tools, like i do with my make-up. So, maybe once a week i try to share my experience about something, that helped me one way or another. If someone gets good tip, too?

Today: Milwaukee and parts. When i was kid, we had Milwaukee drill press. Now, with woods we have Milwaukee Circular Saw. Trust me, here..we use so much wood i fireplaces, fix fence etc. so good tool is needed. And., as a woman..much easyer to use. Ok, those parts? Of couse i want to find best place to order. Good service, and easy to use.

Found one:
Milwaukee parts
Place to get new Milwaukee parts easily and in good price.

New saw blades..done deal.  With Milwaukee, perfect!
 Learning..... and I can do that, too!!!! I really like, when there´s videos, forums etc. to check out. I love to learn, i love to do things with my hands. And i like to fix things, so I can save money. To buy new pair of shoes. So, new parts for our circular saw and fixing it by myself..more money for my shoes ;) Seriously, like in car...what you it yourself.

See, what i mean?

I dont understand, why is it..that when I, as a woman..go to some stores to buy tools etc. is´t like huge wonder? it because in my other hand i have big bag full of make- ups...and i wear high heals.. :DDD But really, so it is!

with love

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