tiistai 11. kesäkuuta 2013


Yep. That special diet, where i was...last week now. I started to add more carbohydrates about week ago, cause my brains told me: we NEED those!!! So, gave myself some mercy. But, feeling good and learned important things! And...started again gym :) yes.

Then..but: Why, oh why! Always, where´s group, there´s a problems. Human nature, i guess. I have to to apologize, what i´m gonna write next. I dont want to put people in categories, but i´m gonna do that now.

There´s this FB-group for us whe were on that diet. I told about that earlier. Now, i have read daily pages and wow! Really, we humans are just so...I dont know...funny?

One group is: I´m pure and only i can be right. Few man and few woman, who are so arrogant. Ok, of course it´s awesome, if someone can go all the way with this diet, good for him/her! Really! But, then there´s some people, who started to add more food earler and told that in that group. " I didnt need, I am stronger, I am the best, you are loser, because you ate tomato. OK. ( i havent write there, just read) We are adult. Well....age is.

Then next: Cranks. I totally understand that when calories are low, I too, get more nervous. BUT: not licence to take that to others. This was our own choise to go this diet. And then, have to be so much spine to take it! Not feeling good, ungry because someone is eating extra tomato. and still lost kilos..and telling that in  publicly? Not good. Hell, eat one tomato and smile ;)
There´s nobody to blame..no one is guilty..so no licence. Mirrow is good place, for me too..to talk. Our act starts from there. From us, inside.

I know, this is raw, but so true! Really, i have read those things every day.

Then....Me too!-types. Someone says something bad...pack of people goes: Me too, i think so too, yeah, lets put he/ she down!! Oh, We were wrong? OH, i thought that at the first moment, too..soothers.

Then there is some voices of wisdom, but no one wants to hear those..more fun in drama. 
Guiet ones, like me. 

But, same people makes most of the drama. Just...wow. :) 

This is written purely by readind from FB, i dont know those people. They might be awesome in life. And i didnt write this in negative way, just.. I observed 5 weeks and human nature is funny.....

Long live the difference between us!!! ;DD

With love

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  1. Maarit, I have no idea why we tear each other down... to supposedly feel better about ourselves... we should love and help each other..

    1. So true launna, i wish...that we all can just be happy. I know, that is way too much to ask, cause life happends, in good and bad...still..small wish.... <3


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