maanantai 10. kesäkuuta 2013

Firmoo giveaway!

Like in the road, life is full of up and downs. Different cars, different drivers. Tell you all about that later.

But!!! Do you wear glasses? Sun or normal?? I do. so, let me tell you about this:

Have you heard about Firmoo? FIRMOO classic series

 Tell me, which pair of classes you want to win from FIRMOO :). Task is, go from that link to look, and comment in my page.
Only those who followed the task could have the qualification to win Firmoo's grand prize and E-vouchers
And that grand prize is those great eyewears! Including shipping. :) Just click and tell me here, after this post you favorites.
  Test these products for free by paying shipping only!

Good luck and enjoy these eyewears!
With love

4 kommenttia:

  1. Nice Maarit.... I'll have to look at this one after work;-)

  2. Höh..mä taidan olla blondi, ku vaan error sivulle menee :( Mut noi mustat silmälasit on ihanat <3

    - Maarit Nordman-Haajanen

    1. Maarit, ei kun mää olin :) sorry!!!! Nyt toimiva linkki :)


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