perjantai 7. kesäkuuta 2013

Finally back!

It´s been weard week. Really! Here, in Finland the weather has gone upsidedown so badly. All week, hot, really hot...+30C and more, and at the same time thunders! So, i haven been able to keep internet open, because here, in country thunder makes really bad damages...last summer i lost 2 computers, tv, playstation etc..that´s nothing..neighbourg lost his house!! So, i took all cables off almost whole week..

That´s why i havent wrote. Once i put cables back, came, i think that it´s a bit normal. Finally! Mother nature is really the boss!

I just put few pictures, that i took just now. It was so nice to be abel to go and walk for a long time :)

When i took these, it´s 10pm so guite light here still....

I call this: my nightwalk :)

The girls in those picks...are so cute <3 i often take cup of coffee and go talk with them..wise girls!
With love

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  1. WOW Maarit... it is this bright at 10pm... that's amazing... I have been wondering how you were when you didn't post... happy everything is okay:)

    1. It is, in Finland summer is nighless nights :) last night, still 0.00 am..bright, almost like spring evening...Oh, i have missed here so much!!! All is good, but i respect thunder so..but, today more writing :))) so much to say!!!!


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