perjantai 31. toukokuuta 2013

wanna be perfect

I´m not. Not perfect. Not even close.
Still, i train, take stress, take diet.
Woman in the mirrow, sad as can be
With herself, guess never happy
That image from mirrow, dosent satisfy myself
How i´m afraid, how others see me
Looking self-confident 
Feeling weak
But why is that? Why i feel like this? Do I have too much time?
Or is that i´m not satisfy with my life? Situation?
That has to be reaction from something..
My fear, is that my love dosent see me as beautiful as I can be
I punish myself, why did i eat that ice cream...i look fat.
No mercy for me, others? Of couse.
Looking for me, missing my love...
And pain is real.
Do I live my life, or someone else´s?
Does those things, that i do just becouse i want to..those are mine? I do those, just because that is something that people expect me to like?
Then again...if i dont like something...maybe..if i like?
How can i be perfect..I´m just building myself..
Do I belive in me? Time to time I do...
But..I´m also i dont.
Sometimes i ask: why? Why i write, why I train..why why oh why I´m here?
Then...I feel small will see that..there´s a purpose for everything.
I dont wanna be There´s too much stress in there.
I wanna be best in me, to my love, to my life..
One day I will day...
I took that today, just now.. another thunderstorm is coming :) (or actually is here already)
with love

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  1. Staying positive all the time is a challenge... something always seems to come along to test me... I fail but I keep on trying... I hope I never lose that tenacity to keep trying... and not to reach for perfection... it is unattainable on this Earth... all I can do is be the best me:)

    1. Oh Launna, that is so true. We are good like this..sometimes just..need to let it all out, empty some thoughts..we are the best we can, and that´s allright :))


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