tiistai 7. toukokuuta 2013

new super me with old twist

Ok, i started this awesome fitness- program. Made by athletes and trust me...it is hard :D Really started it yesterday, weekend i bought  few supplies. 6 weeks. Hard work. I´m strong enought. I can make it. :D me talking to me ;)

I needed this change for myself. Since i guit dancing, i lost my passion to take more care of me. I mean, really think my body. What it needs, vitamins, oils etc. Fast food way so easy. Ok, i did ate sort of healthy mostly, but our family history with sicness, need to do more.

So, new diet and great work out. We will see after 6weeks ;) Bit headache, bad stuff is coming out. Yes!!!

Scheduling is also new again. when to eat, when work out, after that drinks...In this morning i was walking before coffee!! Me, who is not morning person at all. 

So, i can say that i´m digging myself back? 

Never too late to appreciate yourself!!! :)   

with love

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  1. Good luck Maarit... I am sure you will do amazing:)

    I still haven't been able to get into exercising... my leg is not up to it yet... I tire myself out easily so I have had to back off of a little bit... I will be right there with you in the future :)

    1. Launna, thank you soo much!! Gonna need all the help :) I SO HOPE, THAT YOUR LEG IS GONNA BE GOOD SOON....


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