maanantai 20. toukokuuta 2013

Words can and will hurt

I just HAVE to open a little. About human..ok..womens small croups. Like i have said, i have this project. Getting me in shape again. Or even close ;) . And this croup of pro´s is awesome!!! Really, that is. But then... there´s this smaller croup of womens, who put one croup on their own. And that´s good, to encourage and to be able to talk far so good.

But. Why ther´s always BUT! :D First came few women, they are this core of that croup. Actually, another croup had to be done because there was huge drama in first croup.

Ok, nasty part was, that those few core women bullied one...and i just cant stand those kind of people, woman or man!

I started to stay in shadows, just mostly reading. But, some people just can be so naturalistically! If you dont agree, or hype me, i dont play with you. Wow...and grow ups. ;)
It really dosent matter to me, who things about what about me, way too well cooked.

But, someone CAN hurt. And that´s not good. At all. Sometimes (always!) Is good to think, how we treat others. Really think.

If you are in forum, full of your virtual friends...and use it badly...ignoring or being "real" world you can end up to be alone...And I dont mean that in bad way, it´s just... like in schools..croups has power to do good...but, also way too much bad.

Like i said, i read those things time to time...and actually..those gave me such a great idea for a book. Characters. You rally never know, where you can find that inspiration!

Let´s be good to each others and treat good people in your life...even those you cant stand. That gives you more energy to do something positive for yourself.

With love
ps. sorry about all mispellings...thunder is in the air and my head is real :)

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  1. We really do need to treat each other better as women... more of building each other up :)


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