keskiviikko 1. toukokuuta 2013

my true voice

I´m starting no hear it, find it. My true voice. I can use words more freely, phrases? Looking more like me. It´s not easy to write with your own voice, it´s actually scary. You make yourself sort of naked, stand behind of your thoughts. Sometimes all alone.

This voice of mine I founded, it took writing, writing and more writing. But also, encouragement. One person who understood and belive me.  So, i´m more free to be me.

Creating, writing is freedom. You can create a whole story with your words, or help..comfort and hurt. Make people feel different feelings. It´s a very own world, and when I write...i feel this weight in my cheast that i need to put here, in that screen..words. Then, i feel better.

My fingers just dance in keyboard, without thinking too much, what is coming up. Yes, mistakes, misspellings but also messages.

So, I can say now...I love writing :) Maybe, i have liked it, I love it. It´s in every breath i take, in love.

And you, my readers, friends.. I have to thank you..You have read my writings, good or bad...Thank you for that!!! <3

With love

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  1. I love writing too Maarit... putting thoughts into words on paper:)

    1. Launna, that can be seen in you blog!!!! :) such a great writing!!!!!


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