lauantai 18. toukokuuta 2013

Just do it!!

You can! Go for it! And you are worth it :)

That works for everything. Really! Whatever you are going throught, doing, dreamin...that can!

Really, we only have here and now. If it dosent work, you are wiser. If it works..well..good for you! We can wait till we are older..or can we? Who as giving us that promise, that we are here later? We are here now!

I had that conversation with myself week ago. I really realized, that we are not superhumans, living here forever. What ever neds to be done, do it now. Later, it just could be to late. Or not! But for me..i dont wanna take that risk.

Life changes, mind too. That´s life. As is falls, rises, laughter and crys. All part of life. And that life is here and now.

Need to cry? Cry! It´s natural and being human. :) Feel bad? Me too, for time to time. But still, we need to live.

I wanna live my life. Live. Really. Feel every feeling. Love. Stress. Happyness. Sadness.

I dont want to waist my life about me just complaining. Not woth it. And, i sont mean that telling how you feel is complaining!!! No, i mean me, compalining about not so important things.

Yep i have and always will, like everybody,bad times. And i will write those. That´s what life is all about. Feelings..:)

Now, i feel love, stress and hunger. And happiness that i feel ;)

with love

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  1. You can do it Maarit... we all have the right to feel as we do and say how we feel :)


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