maanantai 13. toukokuuta 2013

Attitude makes difference

Yep, it does! In everything. I have one week behind now, this project. New super me.

I have to admit, that first two days were sooo hard! I felt like i was in fog, my body was sooo confused about new diet. And new training style. I had a headache, cold, hot, hungry, not hungry...wanted salt, or sugar..woh!!

Now, after one week i feel like a winner already! Surviving from last week..i think now i´m ready for anything! But, it wasn´t easy, and I´m still on my way.

 I dont belive in complain. That dosent help. If there´s something you want...usually there´s also hard work. But, if you really want, you do that job no matter what.

There are some people, who are not ready for work. And that´s ok, everyone´s freedom! No need, if you dont want. But, it´s kind of depressing, if you work hard and some people in croup are just complaining..about everything.

This and that isn´t good, taste is bad, jogging sucks..ok. Dont do it?

Or am i too positive..i have thought that, too. Really, I can´t join some croups..just to complain. I want to encourage, "we can" attitude.. and sometimes that makes me feel a bit outsider.

Maybe..lifelessons, what i had tought me to e strong. And appreciate all living things, food, freedom of doing...There was that time that i couldnt do nothing becouse of panic. Did´nt have money for food..or apartment.

So, maybe i´m too strong sometimes, cause i cant stand complains about dietfood or work that needs to be done? For me, there´s so much to eat and ok, not always gourmet, but takes hunger away. And..aint that bad! Meet, veggies, berrys..

I CAN`T COMPLAIN!?? I thought, do I have to learn it? And, i´m not being ironical now! No!!!  Sometimes i really feel like fool, cause i think so positive..or find domething good from bad. Yep, of cource i have bad days, too...I´m a human. Just mosly...positive.

Usually, i dont say nothing. Cause I dont know what to say...Maybe just....we can...

With love

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  1. It's good to be as positive as possible... sometimes it isn't easy... sometimes it is really hard but it is better when you are positive than being negative. :)

    1. Launna, yep :) and thank you for being here!!!!! :)


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