maanantai 8. huhtikuuta 2013

something to say

I have been thinking this crazy world. And by that i mean all, that comes from news...war here, there and everywhere.

Natural disasters, shootings etc... those are things, where i cant affect, Even thought i want to. But, i cant. Way too big world, so much people in it. I cant make any choise for anyone.

One thing i can. Affect life in me. Yep, i have my life. So, way i choose to use my "power" to treat others..way i act, how i talk...And should i give up, or fight.

I mean, i can!!! So many dosent have that options. Not as a woman, not as a human.
But, i do. So, i like in great country, no wars, no natural disasters, i´m free..

And i really am grateful! Sometimes i´m complaining about something small, but that´s human nature, i think. Just sometimes need to remember, how lucky i am... and how much there are peoples, who are not.

Why i thouhght about this is really news. It´s so different to watch those here, safe..that live in middle of those things. If i could, i would travel everywhere, to help! :) well, that´s me....

Hope you got my point?? Sorry about mixed text..i can feel that migraine coming..
with love
XXX ;)

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  1. I understand what you are saying Maarit... we are lucky women and people that we live in a free country... I wish I could help women from countries where they are not free... how sad that must be...

    1. Indeed Launna...i have travelled few places and saw... There's so many different way of life's...


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