keskiviikko 24. huhtikuuta 2013

one more man down

So it goes, one more gone. Relative. Cancer. Heard today. He was great man with great attitude. He left such a great memories and something to think.

During he´s time we wrote about life, had discussions. When first snow came, he said with such a passion, how beautiful first snow was! And every small thing in this life... And how right he was!

Life is way too short to waste it. Never ever know, when our time is coming. He didnt knew, only few months before. But he lived full life till the end!

So, why on earth it take something serious us to relize...we are not  immortal. We cant wait till next year to do something, because we dont know if we are here! As today I am sad, tomorrow i miss but also gonna honor he´s emory and my life by living it fully.

I know, life is never gonna be perfect, but i can do the best job for myself. And i can choose few things, what i want or dont want in my life.
  • negativity
  • people, who treat me badly
  • mean peoples
  • lies
And things i want:
  • love
  • honesty
  • respect
  • freedom to be me
There is few more things, but i belive that you got my point. And i´m gonna start to treat myself better, and also: gonna say no to people who i know, only use me. :)

That´s i call respect myself. I put here few photos i have took... for this relative of mine, and for you too!

With love

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  1. I am sorry about your relative, I agree, we need to live a full life every day... :)


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