torstai 11. huhtikuuta 2013

not so serious

Life...sometimes it has to be just pure fun, crazy and careless. If just for a moment, small break from my own brains!!!! I have felt my brains overheated last few days (again). Thinking, planning,doing etc.
Now, i wanna be just silly and have some fun. Not going to be adolt, maybe more like 10years ;)
So, tomorrow..not gonna work. Not gonna write. Not gonna put any make up.

Just go out, without even looking at the mirrow (ok, just a little ;) but not gonna stand there,try to fix my hair or make up. Some tracksuit on and out. Enjoying sun or rain, run, play with Donald chokolate.

My mind and body cries for that!!! I started to guestion myself few days ago, why I am here, what´s my purpose...And my mind was blank!!! Really, i didnt have ANY answer for myself..just so tired..then, i started to think, what the h**l is going on in my head???

Answer was: relax..woh, sometimes i just take my self too long, and skip alarms....Not good. You know, when you try to think too smart, you can get dummer! I didn´t remember things that i had said or promised. Ok, I´m just a human ;) Hitting my head on the wall time to time....Life is :)
I put few pictures here, about spring coming here in Finland <3

with love

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  1. I am on a quest to find my purpose too Maarit... :)

  2. Launna, if life should be too easy...would it be boring? :)

  3. Launna, if life should be too easy...would it be boring? :)


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