maanantai 15. huhtikuuta 2013

not need to calm down?

No. I need to explode all old things. Need to shake up my old belives. Need my Tabula Rasa, to be filled again. Still, dont want to have Tabula Rasa, and

I wanna stand in the rain, i wanna scream: what´s my meaning! I wanna jump around, to fin my purpose. Wanna run as fast as i can, to places i have never been, wanna be wild but loved. Wanna be free and holded.

Need to see more colours, need to see shadows of life. Sun and rain, both are more or less pain. Pain is something i need time to time, without that i cant really say i feel.

Just sometimes, i need more..and then i want less...

I guess, what i´m trying to say...i want live. More. Frustrated my own skin, created so much yet...want to create more. Walking too tide in one direction, not seeing those beautiful path´s beside me.

Calm down...maybe still better. Too busy to run, to do....not taking my time to concentrate. Just do do do...losing that edge.

Calm down, my need to execute without heart. Love is in you. So, calm down...

Need to love my work again.

Ok, today´s thoughts, how´s your day? :)

And great movie..Sparta. Great history. :) Do feel like that sometimes ;)

With love

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  1. Your blog is amazing and the pictures too! Would you like to follow eachother?
    just let me know my dear! :)


    1. Hi Xamy, and thank you! Yep, of course. Will do that dear :)
      oxox <3


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