tiistai 23. huhtikuuta 2013

Looking for some trouble

Not really ;) Actually Fixing car. Right now im taking a break. Sometimes it's relaxing to do something with your hands, and sometimes.. like now, not. Breaks. Is those important? guess so..

But, that dosent stop me for dreaming! So, i sit in Car, write with phone, one wheel off and listen music in garage. My mind wonders Under the hot sun. There are hens.. And smile, with love. I walk with my shoes off.. ground is so warm. My Feets are enjoying. I look up and I feel that great sun in my face.. I feel arms around me, so tender. Those belong for my love. Oh, Kiss! And smile! Perfect Moment. Under that great sun i love. And I am happy. :)

OK, reality calls. Outside is raining, a bit cold but no snow anymore!

And time to continue this project. But that sun.. and love.. in my heart.

with love

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  1. I love those summer dreams we have when it is nearing spring :)


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