torstai 4. huhtikuuta 2013

how about now...

How about now? Dreaming, that one day i will go out and look that sky..listen birds..why not now? When i have time, i will sit and enjoy my coffee/tea in about now?

Wishing that one day i will have time for my self, to do things i about now? Wanting to paint,write, sing ar what ever is in your about now??

After dont need hours to be with you, just here and now...few minutes from that crazy busyness..and be free. Few minutes for yourself.. Not bad, right?

Today´s world is all about busyness, productivity and money. What would it hurt..few minutes for youf dreams, your freedom to be you? I dont think that world really ends in that time...

I learned that, when i burn out my self with busyness. And when i guit thinking, that without me, the whole world falls apart, i felt better. I mean, there´s so much burden for one person, taking care of whole world, right?

My doctor told me to stay at home and do nothing (many, many years ago) All i thought was, who will do this and that? what if they think that i´m lazy? And...i have to one´s irreplaceable. So, someone else is doing that, what you are stessing. One way or another.. so, give yourself a brake..and love you!!!! :) Time is ending from all of us, someday..then..too late. only good time.

So, how about just give yourself a little freedom to be are worth it!!!!

with love

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