maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2013

Because we can

Yep, that´s one of the new song from Bon Jovi. That album is just so great! I have listened it million times from Spotifly (ok, not million, but...)

He´s just so great example about working hard, beliving your dreams, you. Anything is possible! I mean, anything. Just, how much you need to work...could be a lot. But when you see, feel those first results of your!!! Those are the very fruit of your work.

And by that i dont mean that you have to write great songs, or art. Just whatever you are interesting about...

Like i have told, i have big dreams, and somehow i know that what is ment to be, will happend. Sorry, that i cant tell you more now! I´m a bit superstitious. I´m afraid that telling those all out load..will turn against me..silly, i know ;)

But, right now i´m sitting in chair, writing to you. And that is salt in my life.
Have you ever thought, how much you can get from other´s? How much anothers experience can actually help you, and make some sence in your mind?

I love to read, both books abd blogs. There are so many great blogs, and so much life experience in those. I have found some answers, more guestions and things to wonder. That´s the beauty of being global!
This is the way to talk with you, my dear friend. Yes, you. Real human writing, real human reading. Amazing.

We all have things to say, things in our mind, that needs to get out. And always, theres someone who appreciate what you do. even thought sometimes, it feels like you are alone here...but you are not. We are here together. I´m with you. Because we can.... ;)

With love

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  1. We are together in this life Maarit... and blogging brings us closer:)


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