perjantai 8. maaliskuuta 2013

Women's Day

Happy Women´s Day

That day is today..Allthought it shoud be every day! Here, in´s easy to be a woman. Not so easy in every country. I hope, that every woman, girl, could have a awesome life!! No matter what you do, where you come from or who you are.. :)

So, i went to do some shopping.. :D in womans´s day..for me. Cosmetics..wops!!! ;D
Oh well, I´m worth it, right? We all are. We are woth to be loved, to love, to feel good about just being us.

Love yourself, never give up and enjoy this life...Not worth to wait that next life...
Now, i think that I´m gonna do some nails, have a coffee and just be.. I put here some photos, that i took with that Canon.

with love

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