keskiviikko 27. maaliskuuta 2013

sweet pain

As i write this, this is more like letter to me..just reminder about important things. I have felt so many emotions lately, both good and bad. Like i told you before, that my body reacts guigly for knowing those before me? And now, i´m in that point, where it has become in sweet pain. Between these feelings i had a time, that i couldnt write.

This pain includes pain, hope, fear, tears, smile, love..and actually all great, powerful emotions! Like in rollercoaster. I wish to touch, i need to be touched..i want to fly, want to be free, free to love, free to live. Free from my own mind, still come back to me. I wanna explode, destoy all and build it again.

I have been alone strong, i had to face the wind of life alone. I needed to stand with my both feets even thought tahat storm was huge, storm of life. I never gave my self permission to be weak. Never.

Now, i´m tired I am. But, in a way, that i can live with myself. One great spirit showed me, that i´m not alone. It´s ok, to be tired.

That part i never understand. I thought, that i need to be stong, all the time. Weakness is not an option for me, or my whole life as i know, will fall apart. But hey, that didnt happend!!! No, i noticed that i need to rest. I do. I want to write more, be here with you. I want to have those lazy days without bad conscience. And one more thing...i feel that i´m not alone.

So much love inside, for you, for life, for world. Time to release it.

With love

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  1. You are not alone Maarit, we are all on a roller coaster of emotions, some of us hide it better... I am not good at hiding;)

    1. Oh Launna thank you!!! :)))) Big hug!!! I might be too good sometimes ;)


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