perjantai 22. maaliskuuta 2013

saving the last dance

Living my life, as i have done for years now. Being a bit lonesome, though that this is it..not love needed.
Just did things like robot, day after day. Didn´t dreamed about more, cause didn´t knew what to dream about. Settled for this life of mine.
Was kind of sure, that life dosent have more to offer. Yep, i do work, tht i love..scenes are ok...i feel ok, but not great. Ok, that´s good.

Do you belive, that one person, book, word can change that? What you have thought, that is not so real than that what you realize? There´s more!

Real is also somewhere else, then you realize big this world is, and yet smaller...that there´s still a path to walk, love to give, to receive.

Nothing is yet said, everything is still front. And my mind is more open, day by day.
Things that you thought, that you are alone with..your not.

That´s a great about life, it´s never really ready. Always something new on your way, when you dont expect that.

SO, i´m saving my last dance, cuz it´s not yet danced.

With love

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  1. I know that one person can change your whole life, David changed mine forever...


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