maanantai 4. maaliskuuta 2013

Need to say this

Once again: trust yourself!!! I know, i say this over and over again, but i know for a fact that that pays off!!!!

I started to think, what i loved to do when i was a child. Writing, in school, was my favorite. And taking pictures with my fathers camera. Dance...i use to dance by my self at home :)

When i grew up, those were the only things that came with me to adulthood. Then i made something, that so many of is do: i started to do something else. I forgot my passion and tryed to be "normal". Still, this, what i do aint so normal or real job for someone but most people around me see that it is.

I was living like robot. Did my job, paid bills, went sleep...never dreamed, never thought that there could be something else for me...

Then my mind started to remind me about writing..i started to miss it! So badly. When i started to write, i realize that i´m home...this is what i have to do, ment to do. This is my gift.

I have changed my way of thinking. Now i really see it. What was earlier just something impossible, is now possible. No matter how bold my dream is! I can, why not? Somebody´s doing it, why i should be less good?

So, if i can, you can...never give up!!! :)

Now I´m gonna stude this book about photoshooting.. tips etc.. and later gonna take pictures and share with you ;D

With love

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