sunnuntai 3. maaliskuuta 2013

Just the way it

Woh, i took  a small break and it was good.. last week i was so tired, that in friday i didnt saw to drive! I had a hairdresses in morning, and i slept about 2h, like most night in passt week. I felt like zombie!! One thing that kept me going was love. Really..

So much that had to be done, places to be etc. I dont remember, when i have been such a tired last time!

When i went to sleep in friday.. i slept like a baby.
During friday i was in 4 different shops, hairdresser, helping friend, tooking pictures..
So happy, that now full of energy..

Today i was skiing and walking with my dogs. Sun was shining and felt/feel good.

But, something i want to share with you: one people can make me feel sooo good "just" with words. By saying all the right thing..i feel like i can clime a mountain...
Do you have someone, who knows your heart so well?? It is such a great feeling..

Ok, back to my day. Sorry, i waffle, but so much to tell you guys!!
So, i bought camera. My biggest dream since..oh well..i was 14years?? Canon. EOS 1100D. Wow...It is good!!!!!! I have just started to learn, and i dont think that my passion for photos will never can imagine, what i did yesterday ;)

Few things: belive in dreams, belive in love and most of all: belive in you!!!!!

I think i put few pictures here to tell a story..tomorrow i will  concentrate more about few important things, now..just relax :)))

With Canon, training ;)


With day

So, see you tomorrow
with love

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