keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013

Hiding here

Yep, i am :) I´m suppouse to be hoovering, because my dogs and cat..are losing their winter fur at the same time. So, i have this fur floor..and small dogs and cats all over...

Oh yes, sometimes i do like to hoover, good music and action! Today is just not that day ;) feeling kind of flu...

But, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide i guess... so, if i just chat here for a minute and then go.

Here in Finland came more snow last night. I just thought, that i havent saw ground since...November??
I told that same thing, using same words to one special person, and then it hit me...i have lived in white world, pure awesome and beautiful world. 5 months.

But...i think that i´m ready for some mud, mother nature. Really. I thank you for all that white snow, but do you think that some green is possible somewhere in near future?? Just asking..

Looking at my window, i see birds eating. I have this feeding place, and there is one tree full of small birds. So cute! They dont feel afraid, not even cat. she´s to lazy to clime to that tree and they know it.

And i have enjoyed soooo much with my camera! There is a diffenence between camera and phone ;)

Maybe later, or actually..i know...going to take photos again... One teacher said: take 40 pics every day. No matter about what, just take. And that i´m gonna do. You can imagine, how many posisions i have found from my dogs! :D poor things... i bet they are thinkin: nooo, not again....

But now, i think that i have to go and hoover....

So, have a great day all

with love

4 kommenttia:

  1. I hope you see some green soon... the snow can be pretty for a while but like you, enough is enough :)

  2. En oo muistanu kommentoida sulle pitkään aikaan, suurimmat pahoitteluni siitä! Oon ihan samaa mieltä tosta lumesta, hohhoijaa!!! :D Haluis, et ois jo kesä ja lämmintä, mut sit lunta tulee vaan yhä uudestaan ja uudestaan.... ei kivaa! :D Paljon tsemppejä sulle ja ihanaa "kevättä"! :)

    1. Susanna, heeiii pitkästä aikaa ja ihana nähdä :) En mäkään ole kommentoinut, pahoittelut!!! Olen lukenut, mutta muka aina kiire... ;( ajatuksissa oot!!! :) Juu, pikkuhiljaa alkaa riittää...vois niinkus jo edes laskea tuo määrä..oikeastaan kadota... :D toivotaan että nähdään maata pian!!! Siulle kanssa paljon kaikkea (hyvää siis) ja ihanaa.."kevättä" :DDD PS. olit just mielessä kun suhailin Turkkuses päin :)


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